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Cannon® II Plus Long-Term Access. Catheter Length, Cuff to Tip: 50 cm
One:Catheter1: 15 Fr. x 19-5/8" (50 cm)
One:SmartSeal™ Hemostatic Dialysis Sheath: 16 Fr. x 5" (13 cm)
One:Spring-Wire Guide: .038" (0.97 mm) dia. x 47-1/4" (120 cm) PTFE-Coated (Straight Stiff Tip on One End - "J" Tip on Other) with Arrow Advancer™
One:Introducer Needle: 18 Ga. x 2-1/2" (6.35 cm) XTW
One:Tissue Dilator: 12 Fr.
One:Tissue Dilator: 14 Fr.
One:Tunnel Dilator
Two:Luer-Lock Cap
One:Catheter Clamp
One:Hub Connection Assembly
One:SharpsAway II™ Locking Disposal Cup
One:CSR Wrap
One:Pre-loaded Tunneler (metal) with Threaded Compression Cap and Compression Sleeve
One:Safety Scalpel: #11
One:Patient ID Card
One:Dressing: Tegaderm®2 10 cm x 12 cm

1US Patent No. 6,638,242.

2A registered trademark of 3M Company.

US Patent No. 6,638,242.

Catheter Cross-Section:  Catheter Cross-Section